"Co-Work like Entrepreneur"

Young and experienced entrepreneurs, local and international investors, can find within a single multifunctional space, various co-working spaces, infrastructure in accordance with their requirements. The Business Terminal in Triple City space meets the needs of the businesses through various business services such as market research, consulting and business models, etc. Also, through ’soft landing’ and ’smart takeoff’, startups and new entrepreneurial initiatives, can be expanded in regional and international markets, through consulting, networking and partnerships. The Startup Incubator and Accelerator, under the experts’ mentorship, is an essential part of the ecosystem.

"Learn and Innovate"

The principle of lifelong learning is embodied in the Triple City space through the Academies of Vocational Skills Development. The Business Academy combines theoretical and practical knowledge, in accordance with the participants’ needs, by leading them to the labor market demands and career challenges. The Digital Future Academy, through courses and trainings in the technology and innovation field, aims to prepare the future technologists, in advanced laboratory space and modern technology. In Triple City, individuals and startups find all the necessary facilities for their technological enterprises, provided by experts’ consulting and mentoring. The digital age and the knowledge economy are increasingly influencing the employees’ profile, organizations and work productivity. The latter is directly related to the employees’ skills and networking, long-term partnerships, innovation and creativity.

"Live with Creativity"

Triple City functions as a multifunctional space where workspaces are naturally intertwined with the recreational activities after work. Triple City, through the Academy of Creative Industries, aims to foster the creative spirit of young people and professionals in various fields such as architecture and design, art and culture, audiovisual industry, graphics, modeling, trade and handicrafts, etc.