Recently, the business awareness towards innovation has increased, aiming to develop creative outputs through the use of advanced knowledge and technologies. Triple City owns laboratories with the latest technology as well as the expertise needed to be a promoter of innovation in our country. The Digital Future Academy, in close partnership with the business industry, will provide professional training primarily related to innovation, technology and the digitalization.

In the Triple City’s labs, creative individuals will learn to put their ideas into action and be able to easily produce individualized prototypes without having to invest large sums in equipment and instruments.

The main trainings that will be offered within the Digital Future Academy are:

  • Data literacy (Management and interpretation of company’s data)
  • Coding and programming
  • Web development and maintenance
  • 3D printing
  • Cyber security
  • Virtual applications
  • Block chain

Through these trainings, Digital Future Academy aims to train young entrepreneurs and business professionals with the latest technological advancements, within a technological environment. In the Digital Future Academy the knowledge of experts will be concretized through the functionality of a considerable number of laboratories, such as: digital future lab, blue economy lab, agro-food value chain lab, smart tourism lab, global warming lab, mobility and communication lab etc.