Creative Garage


Creative Garage is a physical structure and virtual platform, organized in six main units, which, in an integrated way, provide continuous technical, professional and promotional support for creative individuals, young entrepreneurs of the creative industry and other talented individuals, in the field of design, multimedia, handicrafts, cultural heritage, etc.

- Units:

Arkilab: Creative Space Atelier
Vitamina: Hub for Creative Industries
Creative City: Center of Excellence
The Stage: Culture & Arts Events
Academy: Creative Industries
Creative Maker - Space

These services help increase the capacity of young creative entrepreneurs or new businesses in the creative industry, regarding the proactive environment, dedicated infrastructure to creative industries, as well as specialized consulting, tailored to the needs and requirements of creative entrepreneurs or creative enterprises.

- The main functionalities are:

  1. Workspace
  2. Networking and Community
  3. Training and Capacity Building
  4. Support Services and Consulting
  5. Financing and Access to Funds
  6. Initiatives and Projects