Startup Academy

Triple City offers trainings for start-ups that guarantees the expertise needed to ensure survival and competitiveness in the market.

2 Day - Trainings on:

  • How to start a start-up?
  • Business model and business plan;
  • Creation of MVP;
  • Development and launch of products;
  • Financial Management;
  • Sales and marketing;


Bootcamp is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the process of starting a business. This program serves individuals who have a business idea but lack the knowledge and experience to implement it. Bootcamps helps beginners to understand the world of startups, to learn how to design a business plan, a marketing plan and how to build a business strategy.

Startup Support Center (Incubation and Acceleration)

Incubators and Accelerators operating within the structure of Triple City, provide fertile environments in which innovative ideas are cultivated under the care of the best mentors and consultants from the field of academia and business. Thanks to well-oriented, programs, these ideas are transformed into businesses ready to challenge the market in a span of several months. Triple City incubators provide community access, networking opportunities, legal aid, accounting assistance and other important resources that startups may not have the funding to provide.

Start-ups attending these incubation and acceleration programs, in addition to ongoing mentoring and training, can take advantage of the latest technology laboratories and other facilities of Triple City Business Terminal, ensuring in this way a real advantage in overcoming their entrepreneurial challenges.